Holiday in Bodrum Turkey

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Bodrum is a port city in Muğla province and it is one of the world famous holiday resorts such as MarmarisGocekFethiye and Dalyan.Historically, It is a very important settlement area because it has hosted many civilizations since mythological times.It was known as Halikarnassos in ancient times. Historian Herodotus,I.Artemisia, the first Admiral of history, and II.Artemisia who is as popular as him have raised in Bodrum.Also the famous artisits of the period like Leachares and Shepas  have lived here. Halikarnassos, which Homer calls "The Land of Eternal Blue" has been merged with the eastern and western harbors and there are  extremely white houses of Bodrum, Gumbet, narrow streets down to the sea and the famous Bodrum CastleHalikarnassos is a magnificent holiday resort that can be lived in the winter months as well as in summer months because it worths more than a holiday resort with its climate and natural beauties. Bodrum is a tourism restrict that has been a focus of interest for every period with its lively life and modern hotels. There are dozens of beauties inside the historical places of Bodrum. It is like a corner of paradise with enormous climatic conditions,the eyeful beaches and its nature. It is possible to say that from all over the world  tourists come to Bodrum and experience the unique atmosphere of Bodrum especially during the summer. In our country it is the first resort that comes to mind when you say ‘’holiday’’ Literally it is like a shining star and must be seen.

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